Run by Ex-Army Officers

Experience the most extreme sports of New Zealand in the Adventure Capital of India: Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

India’s highest Bungy

(jump height: 83 mtrs).

India’s Most Extreme Giant swing

(jump height: 83 mtrs).

And Asia's longest Flying Fox

(length: 1 km; Speed: 140-160 kmph).

We are shut on Tuesdays !


When ex Capt. Rahul Nigam decided to set up 'Jumpin Heights'- India’s first Extreme Adventure zone, Rishikesh, in 2006, it was for the purpose of bringing to India something its youth could be proud of. Safety and impeccable quality is not something we, as Indians, trust our systems with and that’s something that bothered him immensely. With the ambitious desire to change the face of extreme adventure, especially Bungee India, including the way organizational safety is perceived in India, he brought in what is arguably one of the most extreme sports worldwide and set up amidst the stunning landscape of Rishikesh, India’s first and highest Bungee jumping platform (83 meters).

This was consciously done to emphasize the fact to the forgetting Indian youth, that natural beauty is something that Indians do not need to go far for, and this needs to be acknowledged, cherished, respected and taken care of.

In the setting up of the place, he chose to learn from the best: A team from New Zealand, the place native to this sport, was flown in to design the Jump Zone based on the original model, which is worlds apart from the previously existing Indian concept of ‘Bungy’ in the mall or from a crane– He was very clear that he wanted to clearly distinguish between entertainment and serious adventure, and a fun evening in the mall or a park is not why Bungy jumping is on so many peoples’ bucket list.

Being an ex-Army officer myself, I asked my fellow Army officer, and friend, Col. Manoj Kumar to formally join in to maintain the discipline that goes with such extreme adventure sports in India. This is how we began the process of building our team, which now includes several other Army officers as well. Subsequently, the Indian staff was trained extensively by our New Zealand Jump Masters to maintain impeccable standards of safety at all times.
Rahul Nigam M.D Jumpin Heights

Hear it from our Jumpers

An out of the world experience. We have arrived as an advanced adventure destination.
Anand Kumar (IAS), Joint Secretary, Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India

Simply Awesome. The Safety provided is exceptional. I am extremely grateful to Capt. Rahul Nigam, Col. Mohan, Col. Choudhary and entire staff here. Wishing you great success.
Col. Arun Malik

They have an excellent crew that treats each jump as special and motivates you to take the plunge for what will be the most thrilling 30 seconds of your life. The safety standards and processes are excellent and you can make out how passionately they do their jobs to ensure utmost safety and make the whole experience absolutely memorable.
Nikita Sinha

The only best Bungy Jump Co. in India. A bit expensive but safety is not compromised. You are all safe in the hands of experienced & safe Jump Masters.
Debojit Deb

Extremely friendly staff. And all due precautions and double checking in place. Wasn't really scared putting my life on risk with them.
Shakti Shankar

Superb. Hats off to the team for creating such an international adventure site. The jump was just awesome. Heavenly experience of a lifetime.
Mathews Scaria

Bungy Jumping

Jumpin Heights, Rishikesh, is currently India's Highest Bungy, at a height of 83 mtrs.

Trek Up

The gorgeous hilly terrains are an intrinsic part of Uttarakhand, and cannot be extricated out of the Rishikesh experience. The bungee jumping location is about few minute walk from the serene land. Please note that the 15-20 minute walk up from the Recovery point, after your Bungy, to the Cafeteria, maybe strenuous for some, considering this is a hilly area but we urge you to take this in the spirit of Rishikesh adventure tour packages, and come prepared with sports shoes.

This is a beautiful walk up nonetheless, amidst the wilderness of Rishikesh, and rest assured that we have made arrangements to make Bungee jumping places this as comfortable as possible, by providing 1 complementary bottle of water for the walk up, along with benches for a short rest, at regular intervals of the route. The bungee jumping prices are affordable and blended with other sports to make it more cost-effective. You can choose any one from the combos as per your conveniences.

Age Minimum - 12 yrs
Weight Minimum – 40 kg
Maximum – 110 kg

Flying Fox

Fly at 140 Kmph on Asia’s Longest Flying Fox!

Designed by Experts from New Zealand.

Fly in Tandem

Fly at 140 Kmph on Asia’s Longest Flying Fox!

Designed by Experts from New Zealand.

Fly with your closest pals!
The fox is normally done by 3 people in Tandem. Can also be done solo, at an extra cost. After walking down to the cafeteria, claim your Dare to Jump certificate.

Age Minimum - 12 yrs
Weight Minimum – 20 kg
Maximum – 130 kg

Giant Swing

Enjoy the thrill of India’s highest Giant Swing (Height: 83 mtrs)

Designed by David Allardice of New Zealand

Tandem Swing

This exhilarating adventure can be done in by 2 people in Tandem too ~ Swing Tandem bungee jumping with a friend or your partner, and make this a day you’ll never forget!

Age Minimum - 12 yrs
Weight Minimum – 30 kg
Maximum – 120 kg


The Jump Platforms have been designed by a team from New Zealand and technically Qualified Jump Masters, with years of experience of operating these sports in New Zealand, We ensure safety by making sure we have a highly experienced crew, high level of training, good quality bungee jumping cords, the best equipment and procedures in place, as well as a number of checks and counter checks and very thorough inspection schedules.

Our Jump Masters have been trained by Experts from New Zealand and have successfully operated over 70,000 Jumps.

Discipline of all safety procedures is overseen by ex-Army officers & various safety drills are regularly practiced on site. Operating members of our staff are qualified in First Aid and certified by Red Cross, in case of emergencies.

Bungy Standards

We follow the Australian & New Zealand Standards Authority Guidelines for commercial operations in Bungy Jumping and these standards have now been incorporated to form the Indian Standards which did not exist before:

With regards the safety, there were obviously no official regulations in place, since Bungy had never been practiced on a formal scale before, and Jumpin Heights, based on the New Zealand safety standards, went on to formalize the regulations which are now taken to be the official safety standards for Bungy jumping in India.


Due to its extreme nature, this sport is not suitable for people with the following medical conditions

  1. 1. Back or Neck injuries

  2. 2. Recent Fracture

  3. 3. Any Dislocation

  4. 4. High Blood Pressure

  5. 5. Asthma

  6. 6. Neurological Disorders

  7. 7. Epilepsy

  8. 8. Heart Conditions

  9. 9. Pregnancy

  10. 10. Osteoporosis

In case of any of these conditions, you will be prohibited from Jumping and/or Flying. In case of any other relevant conditions, especially over the age of 40, you are obliged to inform the Crew, and will further be allowed to jump only at their discretion.

Cameras are strictly prohibited on, or around, the jump zone for safety reasons, and this is not negotiable. Videos can be bought separately, in-store.

These being an extreme adventure sport, come prepared to rough it out.

Press Releases



Prices wef 01 July’17; Inclusive of 18% GST newly levied by the Govt. of India

  • ₹100
    Entry Ticket
    ₹ 300 Bungy Coach
    (From Booking Office To Jump Zone and Back)


  • Bungy Jump
  • Giant Swing
  • Flying Fox
    Tandem or Triple
  • Flying Fox
    Insistence on doing Flying Fox alone would cost this

Activity Combo

  • Combo 1
    Bungy Jump+Flying Fox
  • Combo 2
    Giant Swing+Flying Fox
  • Combo 3
    Bungy Jump+Giant Swing
  • Thrilogy Combo
    Bungy Jump+Flying Fox+Giant Swing

* The Flying Fox in each Combo is taken to be a tandem/triple ride. Or fly solo at an extra charge!

* We follow a non-transferrable & non-refundable policy.

Reach Us

Road Map: From Booking office to Jump Zone

*Click to view in Google Maps

Jumpin Heights

Marketing Office

Badrinath Road,
Near Lakshman Jhula Police Station,

Jump Zone

Village Mohan Chatti,

Phone Line will be open from 8:00 AM to 10 :00 PM.


Bungy Coach

You can avail of our luxurious A/C Bungy Coach and enjoy the scenery of River Ganges below as you travel to the Jump Zone from the heart of the city.

Departure Timings from our Sales office at Tapovan:  

09:00 am, 11:00 am & 01:00 pm

Departure Timings from our Jump Zone:

12:00 pm, 02:00 pm & 04:00 pm

Please book your Bungy Coach Tickets in advance.

Contact: 07830335577 / 07830404067

Phone Line will be open from 8:00 AM to 10 :00 PM.

Kindly be present 15 mins before your departure.